School Visits
The Day of the Visit
  • Children should arrive at 09.00 to 09.30 am at the Restaurant
  • Welcome them to the Restaurant and introduce our Company as well as the other staff involved in the process, explaining job titles with a brief description of different roles
  • Each child gives his/her name
  • Students, teachers and staff wear aprons and hats with their names written on them
  • We give a rough plan of the visit so everyone involved knows what is going to happen and the purpose of the visit
  • Question and answers

  • Introduction to Food and Health Safety
  • Ingredients and their origin. A touch of geography and mathematics
  • Pizza making process
  • Food tasting and pizza making commences
  • While their pizzas are being baked children have a soft drink break
  • Recap the visit and revision of material learned
  • Pizzas handed out as well as: Junior Pizzaiolo/Chef certificates and workbooks
  • Thank the children for their visits and say good-byes to them by the door
  • All the children will receive a Discount Card to be used in our Restaurants

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